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Welcome to our beautiful community. A little about me, Founder and Director of Birth and Soul Rhiannon Pearce.
I am a Mother of two beautiful girls Addilyn and Millicent, a passionate Midwife and a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Certified Practitioner and Naturopathy Student.

Whilst pregnant with my first daughter and early years as a Midwife, I seen the true gap in support that was offered to the wider community for modern, evidence-based childbirth education, the education seemed to be distant and dated. This drove my passion to become a Certified Practitioner with Hypnobirthing Australia™ to offer my wider community the opportunity to prepare for a positive pregnancy and birth. 


I hold the belief that every pregnancy is a new journey, I have been involved with families from all walks of life and recognise that no two pregnancies can be compared. At Birth and Soul, I will take the time to ensure the guidance and support is personalised to meet your needs as a family, ensuring you have the access to evidence based information that is relevant to our world today. Women should feel empowered, confident and calm; no matter what path your pregnancy, labour or birth may take you on.


I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to guide and support you throughout this journey. 

Rhiannon x

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